Must Have Day/Night Masks
double moisturization

depending on seasonal changes your skin will also go through changes. unfortunately, which means that our skin can sometimes be dehydrated which is the last thing we want. but don’t you worry darlings this is why we are here to crack the codes and tell you how to be on your a game at all times!

let’s talk about it

our skin doesn’t like to be dehydrated, knowing and understating the wonders that these recommended products does for you will really help you to see why you will need them in you’re life and how they can change you’re skin. as good and as necessary moisturizers are their most important function is to keep those barriers strong so our skin won’t lose its hydration. we know its more convenient to use one moisturizer especially when you’re in a rush in the morning to get out of the house or after a night out or a busy day at work you just want to go to bed, but we need to provide the hydration to our skin first to keep the plumpness & smoothness as long as possible .you have to make sure to use the products that deliver the ingredients our skin is lacking.

sleeping masks! i woke up like this

this is by far the beyoncé’s of the masks! since our skin can lose water while we are sleeping applying hydrating sleeping mask can be a game changer in you’re routine, they can really penetrate to you’re skin and seal the moisture in. this is why we are obsessed with our dr.botanicals sleeping mask as it’s the perfect solution for hydrating dull skin while you’re asleep. its rich in vitamin c and pomegranate witch both are super antioxidants and can help delay the sign of aging, these fabulous ingredients can help to brighten you’re complexion as well so they will help with dark spots and acne scars .the coconut oil will provide the moisture our skin needs and the omega 3 fatty acids will promote the oil barrier to lock the moisture in to your skin.

day time mask

as mentioned before our skin tends to dehydrate during the night and if you are not a fan of sleeping masks or just forgot to do that step don’t worry we got another solution for you.the cocoa & coconut superfood reviving hydrating mask is your savior to make sure your skin keeps its hydration and plumpness during the day .while the cocoa butter provides all the hydration coconut oil is filled with antioxidant and fatty acids to provide a great barrier to avoid the damages caused by free radicals .it works super quick and leaves you’re skin looking very soft and healthy .

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